Mr. HARSH MALIK from Panipat, Haryana  (Age 19 years )

Mehak (Ugrakheri, Panipat)

(Mrs. Santosh) from Meerut, Uttarpradesh, India. 

4 months natural transformation

That's impressive! She made significant improvements to her health and body composition. Lowering her blood sugar level from 425 to 86 is a remarkable achievement, as high blood sugar levels can be detrimental to overall health, particularly for individuals with diabetes or prediabetes. Additionally, losing 10 kg of unnecessary fat (84 kg to 74 kg) without exercise, supplements, or medicines is quite remarkable.

It's important to note that natural transformations like these can often be attributed to changes in lifestyle and dietary habits.

By adopting a healthier diet and making positive lifestyle choices, individuals can experience significant improvements in their health and body composition. It's also worth mentioning that everyone's body is unique, and reacts differently.