I am a Fitness Professional & Fitness Nutrition Specialist from American Council on Exercises (USA Academy), NASM (USA Academy), The BioMechanics Method for Corrective Exercise (Australia Academy), MIFI (India Academy), etc. with 84% and above.

I create diet chart and design workout schedule for Fat Loss, Lean Muscle Build, Strength Build, Endurance Build, Thyroid Manage, Diabetes Manage, etc. I add client’s favorite food in diet that’s why they follow the nutritious diet happily and achieve their Goals timely. My diet program is 100% natural which is based on home made food (can also add the packed food for hectic schedule people)

I also provide the rehab exercises for muscle imbalances or injuries.

Note: Fat Loss is possible with diet only and to build the lean muscle Exercise is Mandatory with Diet.

Diet and workout are customized according to client’s lifestyle.

"Achieving a fit and healthy body is within everyone's reach by focusing on homemade food and without the need for supplements or medicines. We can enjoy our favorite food while still achieving our fitness goals. Diet doesn't mean restricting ourselves to specific foods; it means finding a balance that allows us to enjoy our favorite foods while attaining our desired physique or wellness. For those starting their fitness journey without equipment, bodyweight exercises are a great option. And for those aiming to build lean muscle or a muscular body, incorporating gym workouts or using free weights like dumbbells, rods, and plates can be beneficial."